Even without heat leaders Danny Ayres and Josh Bailey the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers machine rolled on and made it 16 straight league wins with a 50-40 defeat of play off chasing Coventry this evening at Beaumont Park.
With Ex-Fen Tiger captain Connor Coles joining the remaining five Fen tigers for the evening the visitors were never behind taking nine race wins and controlling the meeting from the off. All the team claimed a win or paid win and reserves Sam Bebee and Matt Marson contributed valuable points once again scoring nine between them.

Kevin Jolly was pleased to see the run continue, he said “The lads are an absolute machine, they just keep on pulling out more and more, all five were excellent tonight as was our guest Connor Coles. This was potentially a difficult fixture for us but they just get on with the job and keep on bringing home the points.

We head to Eastbourne on Saturday then host Birmingham on Sunday and will be all out to keep this winning momentum going”

Scorers –

COVENTRY 40: Max Clegg 12, Danny Phillips 10, Jon Armstrong 8, Luke Ruddick 4+1, Luke Harris 3+1, James Chattin 2+1, Jamie Halder 1+1.

MILDENHALL 50: Drew Kemp 14, Connor Coles 10+1, Jordan Jenkins 9+3, Ryan Kinsley 8+1, Matt Marson 5+1, Sam Bebee 4, Danny Ayres r/r.