Tonight’s meeting was abandoned after two separate crashes without the first heat being completed.

The first running of heat one saw Sam Woods and Danny Ayres crash heavily coming into the third bend. Ayres was lucky to escape injury after being thrown into the air fence but unfortunately Woods was not so lucky. After a considerable time being attended on the track Woods was taking away in a County Ambulance with a broken arm for a full check over. The re run didn’t get past the first bend as Birmingham number one Tom Bacon seemed to pick up drive as he approached the first bend and hit the air fence at considerable speed. There was immediate concern for the popular ex-Fen Tiger as he was suffering considerable pain in his lower back. With the chances of a second County Ambulance attending out of the question, the paramedics were required to attend to Bacon and make him as comfortable as possible before heading to hospital with him. The situation meant the only option available was to call off the meeting.

Kevin Jolly said “Our thoughts are with Tom and Sam, no one likes to see any rider injured and we send our very best wishes to both boys for a full recovery. We are lucky at Mildenhall to have a fantastic team of paramedics led by Jason Gillingham and once again tonight they were first class. The decision to abandon the meeting was the only one that could be taken and to be honest I don’t think anyone really was up for continuing after these two incidents.

They were sadly just two racing incidents that no one could have predicted, the referee gave us a very good report for our track and I couldn’t see any mysteries in the track tonight”

Supporters should note that re-admission tickets can be used at forthcoming Mildenhall home meetings and for any visiting supporters unable to attend the rerunning of this meeting they should contact the club for a full refund. Please send a sae to Mildenhall Speedway c/o Dalpero, The Street, Framsden, Suffolk, IP14 6HQ