The ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers made it ‘lucky 13’ as victories at the Isle of Wight and Plymouth made it a stunning thirteen in a row for the National League table toppers.

Even without their number one Drew Kemp the Fen Tigers won by sixteen and eighteen points respectively with talisman Danny Ayres leading the way with two sixteen point hauls. It was Ayes who set the tone in heat one on the Island with a powerful blast past Alfie Bowtell in heat one to get the Fen Tigers on their way. Although they suffered a rare 5-1 against in heat two, the scores were soon level with a trademark Josh Bailey pass on Scott Campos in heat three. Ayres and Bailey added further win in heats four and five, before Ayres was at it again in heat six. The action ramped up in a brilliant heat seven as Bailey chased Ben Morley for the whole race before producing a stunning switchback to chase down Morley on the run in and snatch the win on the line.

A very swift Ryan Kinsley won heat eight, before Ayres won his fourth race of the night in heat nine to put the Fen Tigers ten ahead. The final race before the interval was the best of the evening, as Bailey again was doing the chasing this time after Bowtell, before setting him up beautifully on the final two bends before producing an even sweeter cut back to race past the Isle of Wight number one on the run to the line. At this stage Ayres and Bailey had incredibly won eight of the ten heats raced!

The action wasn’t finished as heat eleven saw Kinsley switch back inside Morley coming out of the second bend to race away to his send race win of the evening, before Jenkins who had struggled for speed produced a captains ride to win heat fourteen. The meeting ended as it started with another pillar to post victory from Ayres, the unlucky Bailey losing ground and his maximum chances when Bowtell stopped in front of him, as the Fen Tigers ran out 53-37 victors.
The following evening at Plymouth saw the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers go one better with a 54-36 victory again led by Danny Ayres with 16 points. He was well supported by Jordan Jenkins with an excellent paid 15 whilst the rest of the team all scored important wins with every team member paid for at least one win. Heat thirteen must go down as the race of the season anywhere as Plymouth guest Ben Morley raced between Ayres and Kinsley for three laps spread three wide across the track, no rider gave a quarter and you could have thrown a blanket over all three as Morley came out the victor off the last bend. Incredibly riding part of the race without a steel shoe!

These two wins made it nine away victories for the Fen Tigers this season, eclipsing the four over the previous two seasons!

Kevin Jolly was pleased with the two days work, he said ‘We achieved another two vital away wins with two fine performances, everyone played an important role and we produced some great entertainment along the way. Danny (Ayres) led from the front at both meetings whilst Josh produced some top class passing at Isle of Wight that had us all holding our breath. The reserves Sam and Matt were below par on the Island but both bounced back really well at Plymouth and impressed me with their performances. Jordan and Ryan were both solid on each evening and all in all it was a very successful trip.

We now need to put those meetings away and focus on a massive meeting tomorrow, we will need a good lead to take to the National Stadium and need to hit Belle Vue fast and early. We are confident in our ability to do just that but need to be fully focused”

Isle of Wight Warriors 37
Ben Morley 11 (5 rides), Alfie Bowtell 8+1 (5), Scott Campos 7 (4), Shaun Tedham 3+2 (4), Danno Verge 3 (4), Jamie Bursill 3 (4) and Chris Widman 2 (4

KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers 53
Danny Ayres 16 (6 rides), Josh Bailey 13 (6), Ryan Kinsley 9+1 (5), Jordan Jenkins 7 (5), Matt Marson 3 (4) and Sam Bebee 2 (4) R/R Drew Kemp

Plymouth Devils 36
Ben Morley 13 (5 rides), Richard Andrew 8 +1 (5), Henry Atkins 8 (6), Tom Wolley 5+2 (5), Adam Shepherd 2 (5) and James Chattin 0 (4) R/R Tim Webster

‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers 54
Danny Ayres 16 (6 rides), Jordan  Jenkins 13+2 (6), Josh Bailey 9+2 (5), Ryan Kinsley 6+3 (5), Sam Bebee 6+1 (4) and Matt Marson 4+1 (4) R/R Drew Kemp