Following today’s NL AGM and the announcement that the points limit for 2018 remains at 39 points the Mildenhall promotion have acted quickly to move a step closer to completing their line up.

The ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers will have a new number one to start the season with the signing of Josh Bailey from Eastbourne, where he was their number one last season. The Norfolk flyer comes in on an 8.87 average to form a formidable heat leader partnership with Danny Ayres. Bailey has plenty of Championship experience for his young years (20) and has shown a particular liking to the Fen Tigers track whilst proving a heavy scorer at most National League tracks. His track craft and all out racing style will complement Ayres at the top end of the team as they lead an exciting quartet of talented teenagers.

The ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers hope to be able to finalise their team plans over the coming weekend.

As always there are riders who miss out and promoter Kevin Jolly was quick to praise the efforts of Jon Armstrong, Danny Halsey and Connor Mountain, he said “It is never easy to let any rider leave the club when you have signed them previously and this has proved particularly difficult with Jon (Armstrong), Danny (Halsey) and Connor (Mountain). All three have given wonderful service to the club over the years and have been great people to have around the pits as have Jake, John and Andy (their respective mechanics). Jon is a legend not only at Mildenhall but throughout the sport in general, and had the points risen as we were led to believe then this decision would not have needed to be made. However, with the points held at 39 and our desire to have two out and out heat leaders especially for our travels the averages sadly just didn’t fit this time. Speedway is so often a numbers game!

We have managed though to get the agreement that Jon will have a testimonial meeting next season at Mildenhall, which will I am sure be a very special day for Jon, his family and the many supporters he has not only at Mildenhall but throughout speedway. This was no easy task as it is very rare for National League riders to be awarded a testimonial but it says a great deal about Jon’s place in the sport that this was granted and we thank the committee for their backing. As a club we will help all we can to make this a day to remember for him.
Josh (Bailey) is another big signing for Mildenhall, and like Danny Ayres is an out and out number one in the National League. I am sure they will work well together and also challenge each other at the top of the team. This top end strength had been missing on away tracks last season and we want to be a threat where ever we ride next season and with these two leading from the front I am sure we will achieve that objective”
The 2018 ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers line up to date – Danny Ayres, Josh Bailey, Sam Bebee, Jordan Jenkins, Drew Kemp, Matt Marson.