All roads lead to Mildenhall stadium tomorrow (Sunday 3pm) as the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers set about clawing back an 18 point deficit to win the first trophy of the 2017 National League speedway season.

Friday night was a difficult evening as an already weakened Fen Tigers suffered further problems, before strongly regrouping over the later part of the meeting to give themselves a fighting chance in the 2nd leg of the final.

Heat One at the St Boniface Arena started in unusual fashion as Adam Roynon lost control coming out the final bend, whilst leading, and crashed into the fence however his momentum took him over the line still in contact with his bike to claim the victory! Unfortunately for the Fen Tigers guest Mattie Bates had to lay down his bike as his crashed into Roynon, the damage done to his bike saw him miss his next three rides  before he was able to return in heat thirteen! Heat two saw an excellent win from the highly impressive Drew Kemp before the wheels came off for the Fen Tigers as the Plymouth ‘Devils’ claimed three  5-1’s and a 4-2 in the next four heats to take a 14 point lead after only six heats. Jordan Jenkins who had fallen twice in those four heats bounced back in style in heat seven with a fine win over Liam Carr, before Kemp won his second race of the night in heat eight. Another 5-1 on heat nine won by the impressive Henry Atkins saw the lead extended but a strong rally from the Fen Tigers saw them draw the final five races. The highlight of which was a third heat win from Kemp who inflicted Atkins only defeat in six rides.

Sunday’s 2nd leg will feature some of the best young talent in British speedway with Anders Rowe joining Jenkins and Kemp in the Mildenhall line-up as a guest for Luke Ruddick, whilst another exciting prospect Jason Edwards comes into one of the reserve berths joining the impressive young Henry Atkins in the Devils line-up. Adam Roynon has pulled out of tomorrow’s meeting after the injuries he sustained last night and will be replaced by Ben Morley.

After the meeting Kevin Jolly was positive about the second leg, he said “We had a difficult time in Plymouth, but we are still in this final without doubt and I would say the supporters are in for an edge of their seats afternoon tomorrow. I spoke with Connor Mountain this morning and after further physio he is ready to return and make a big impression on this final after missing the 1st leg. Danno Verge advised me he would be unavailable again tomorrow and after a discussion we have agreed to severe our ties with Danno for the remainder of the season. We would like to thank Danno for all his efforts this season and wish him the very best for the future. Alex Spooner will step into Danno’s position joining Drew Kemp at reserve.

We know exactly what we need to do tomorrow and I believe we have the riders to do it and win a trophy which will be well deserved for our fans who have backed us all season. To hear supporters had made the long trip to Plymouth last night was something else and I thank them for their backing and dedication to the club”

Friday’s 1st leg scorers:

Plymouth Devils 54
Henry Atkins 17 (6 rides), Liam Carr 12+1 (6), Adam Roynon 9 (4), Callum Walker 7+3 (6), Richard Andrews 7+2 (5), WilliamO’Keefe 2+2 (3) and R/R Benji Compton

‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers 36
Drew Kemp 11+2 (7 rides), Jon Armstrong 11 (6), Jordan Jenkins 8+1 (6), Matt Bates 3+1 (3), AlexSpooner 2 (4), Danno Verge 1 (4) and R/R Danny Halsey

Sundays teams:

‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers
1. Connor Mountain 9.08 2. R/R Danny Halsey 7.51 3. Jordan Jenkins 7.51 4. Anders Rowe (g) 5.13 5. Jon Armstrong 6.70 6. AlexSpooner (g) 4.72 7. Drew Kemp (g) 3.00

Plymouth Devils
1. Ben Morley (g0 9.67 2. Richard Andrews 4.20 3. R/R Benji Compton 6.34 4. Henry Atkins 4.56 5. Josh Bailey (g) 9.38 6. Jason Edwards 3.00 (g) 7. Callum Walker 3.95