The ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers have been rocked by another injury ahead of this Sundays (3 pm) KO Cup Semi Final 1st leg tie against the Belle Vue ‘Colts’. Heat leader and seven seasons Fen Tiger Danny Halsey now realistically looks likely to miss the remainder of the season following a routine visit to hospital.

Halsey takes up the story, he said “I was only in hospital for key hole surgery to fix a bit of cartilage rubbing on my ACL but when they went inside my knee the ACL was completely ruptured and my medial ligament had a tear. So they've had to cut a piece of my hamstring away to use as my new ACL and repair what they can to my medial ligament. I am afraid that now looks like it for this season, I am totally gutted with some big meetings for Mildenhall still to come”

Already without Luke Ruddick and Danno Verge Fen Tigers are also waiting on a Friday fitness test to see if Connor Mountian will be fit to take his place for Sunday. Sam Woods will make a return to the team for both meetings whilst Drew Kemp returns for the KO Cup tie with Alex Spooner taking his place in the Isle of Wight meeting.

The KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers will operate Rider Replacement for Halsey on Sunday whilst Birmingham ‘Brummie’ Taylor Hampshire ‘guests’ for Ruddick.

The Belle Vue ‘Colts’ are led by the new National League Riders Champion Dan Bewley who is also impressing with his performances in the top two leagues. He will receive strong back up from Kyle Bickley and Rob Shuttleworth, but like the Fen Tigers they have their own injury problems and will run Rider Replacement for Lee Payne whilst a guest will come in for Jack Smith.

The second meeting of the afternoon see’s the Isle of Wight try and make it third time lucky following calls off due to electrical problems in the locality and then rain. They too are struggling for a side with James Cockle, Adam Portwood and Scott Campos all unavailable, they will use a guest to cover for  Cockle with William O’Keefe coming in for Portwood. The Warriors will operate Rider Replacement for Campos. 

Promoter Kevin Jolly was in a sanguine mood even with the growing injury list, he said “The injuries are not what we hoped for but sadly are part and parcel of the sport, and we must just get on with the situation. I was very impressed on Saturday how the lads responded after Connor’s injury and I hope for a similar response now we have lost Danny. Everyone will need to be fully on their game and ready to go toe to toe with a very good Belle Vue side. That said we have beaten them already at home this season in the League and there is no reason why we cannot do so again and take a decent lead to Manchester to try and defend. Our loyal support will also have a big role to play in getting behind the lads, there is a special atmosphere at Mildenhall for big meetings that really lifts the lads ”

The club are offering supporters a special deal of just £18.00 entry for Adults/Concessions and Students for both meetings whilst children under 16 go free.

Sundays Teams:

‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers
1. Connor Mountain 9.08 (If fit), 2. R/R (Danny Halsey) 7.51, 3. Jon Armstrong 6.70 (C), 4. Taylor Hampshire (Guest) 5.13, 5. Jordan Jenkins 7.51, 6. Sam Woods 3.00, 7. Drew Kemp 3.00, 8. Alex Spooner 3.00

'Cool Running' Belle Vue 'Colts'

1. Dan Bewley 10.67, 2. Kyle Bickley 6.53, 3. R/R (Lee Payne) 8.48, 4. Rob Shuttleworth 8.00 (C), 5. TBA (Guest)  8.20, 6. Andy Mellish 4.99, 7. Luke Woodhull 3.23

‘KJM/Manchetts’ FenTigers
1. Connor Mountain 9.08 (If fit), 2. R/R (Danny Halsey) 7.51, 3. Jon Armstrong 6.70 (C), 4. Taylor Hampshire (Guest) 4.86, 5. Jordan Jenkins 7.51, 6. Sam Woods 3.00, 7. Alex Spooner 3.00

Isle of Wight ‘Warriors’
1. TBA (Guest) 7.76, R/R (Scott Campos) 5.96, 3. Connor Coles 6.60, 4. Chris Widman 4.24, 5. Ben Wilson 7.69, 6. Jamie Sealey 3.00, . 7 William O’Keefe 3.00,  8. James Laker 3.00