The ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers were merciless in their search for points in the West Row sunshine, and with a little fortune could have scored even more than their impressive 61 point haul!

Heat one saw razor sharp gating from the Mildenhall pair of Luke Ruddick and Connor Mountain only for Mountain to suffer misfortune in second place as his cut-out came out. Heat two saw the first 5-1 of the afternoon from Danno Verge and Alex Spooner, although Stoke were hampered by the non appearance of Shaun Tedham leaving them with just one reserve.

Heat three saw captain Jon Armstrong make one of his trademark Mildenhall passes on Tony Atkin to join the ultra quick Jordan Jenkins for another 5-1. With Danny Halsey looking smooth and stylish in heat four, the lead was already 10 points. Jenkins and Armstrong joined up again in heat five for another 5-1, before Ruddick and Mountain repeated the dose in heat six as Stoke found themselves 18 points down after only six races and chasing shadows

Halsey cruised to another impressive victory in heat seven, before the fast starting Ruddick won his third race of the afternoon, and with Verge securing third the Fen Tigers were 20 points ahead and the meeting basically over as a contest. The Fen Tigers didn’t ease off and the Armstrong/Jenkins partnership were at it again in heat nine with another 5-1, the Fen Tigers captain showing his class by going wide on the final bend to allow his junior partner through to claim his third win in a row.

The crowd were waiting in anticipation of Ruddick’s first maximum in heat ten, sadly he was caught in traffic on the first and second bends and although the Berwick racer chased down and passed Luke Priest he could not find a way past the experienced Tony Atkin, finishing with a highly impressive 10 point return. Heat eleven saw another Halsey masterclass as he swept inside Davey off the fourth bend to record his third win, whilst an outside swoop from Armstrong saw him remain unbeaten in heat twelve.

Stoke finally recorded a heat win in thirteen as a fine ride from Davey saw him get the better of Mountain and Halsey. All this though was a build up for possibly the ride of the season in heat fourteen as Jenkins and Priest met! Priest gated before Jenkins passed him on the inside coming off the second bend, around the third and fourth Priest regained the advantage and set sail, after two laps of probing on the inside Jenkins changed his line going into the final lap and produced a stunning move round bends one and two to squeeze through the smallest of gaps on the outside, a move that had the crowd on their feet!

Captain Armstrong produced another sharp burst of speed in heat fifteen to get past Davey and go on to a paid fifteen point maximum, whilst Jenkins although trying everything to catch Davey couldn’t get past the Stoke number one.

Team Manager Robert Henry was pleased with an excellent afternoon’s work, he said “You can’t really argue with that can you? The whole team were firing today and paid 57 points from the top five says it all really. It was great to see Armo back to his best with his new engine and his decision on the last bend of his third ride to let Jordan through says everything about the man, it was a classy move from a classy individual. Luke’s gating was electric and he was very close to his first max today, and Jordan and Danny looked so classy and stylish, it’s hard to describe Jordan’s fourth ride but it showed again that there is an agile brain at work inside a very talented racer”

Mildenhall ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers 61
Jordan Jenkins 13 (5 rides), Jon Armstrong 12+3 (5), Danny Halsey 11 (4), Luke Ruddick 10 (4), Connor Mountain 6+2 (4), Danno Verge 5 (4) and Alex Spooner 4+1 (5)
Stoke ‘AR Richards’ Potters 29
Mitchell Davey 10 (5 rides), Tony Atkin 6+1 (5), Ryan Terry Daley 6 (5), Luke Priest 3+1 (4), Lee Dicken 3 (4), Paul Burnett 1+1 (4) and Shaun Tedham (DNR)