After a challenging journey that saw the area around Lakeside gridlocked the ‘KJM/Manchetts’ Fen Tigers couldn’t find the key to unlock the ‘Hammers’ home track advantage as they lost 44-33 in the thirteen heats that were raced.

With various staff delayed and supporters also struggling to reach the stadium the meeting was delayed to 8.45pm, once underway the Fen Tigers had early cause for optimism with a heat two 5-1 from debutant Drew Kemp and Danno Verge. The home side then hit back with two 5-1’s either side of a fine heat four win from Danny Halsey over Paul Hurry to establish a five point advantage. The Fen Tigers managed to keep things reasonably tight before a second 5-1 of the evening from the Bacon/Bowtell partnership extended the lead to eleven after nine races.

Heat wins in Heats twelve and thirteen from Jon Armstrong and Connor Mountain respectively prevented the gap from widening before a horrific looking crash for young Kemp bought the meeting to an abrupt end. Coming out of the second bend the promising youngster tried to get the better of Connor Locke with both riders briefly coming together before Kemp fired through the safety fence as high speed. Thankfully although the ambulance was called Kemp was able to walk in it and take the short ride back to the pits where once checked over he returned to the pits. With this delay and the result already decided both clubs agreed to call an end to proceedings and head for a hopefully smoother journey home!

Lakeside Hammers 44
Alfie Bowtell 10+2 (4 rides), Steve Boxall 10+1 (4), Tom Bacon 10+1 (4), Paul Hurry 10 (4), Connor Locke 4+1 (6), Alex Spooner 0 (4) and Nick Laurence R/R

Mildenhall 'KJM/Manchetts' Tigers 33 
Jon Armstrong 8 (4), Connor Mountain 7 (4), Danny Halsey 6 (4), Danno Verge 4+2 (4), Luke Ruddick 4+1 (4), Drew Kemp 3 (4) and Jordan Jenkins 1+1 (3)