Following the call off of their home National League meeting versus Cradley on Sunday 19th June, Mildenhall Speedway were called in front of the Speedway Control Board Disciplinary committee yesterday to respond to the charges brought against them

After hearing the evidence submitted by all parties involved the committee took the decision to award the meeting to Cradley and to fine Mildenhall promoter Kevin Jolly £250.00. The fine has been suspended until the end of next season.

With Kevin Jolly currently out of the country the club were represented by Club Advisor James Easter who spoke after the hearing, he said “It was an extremely fair hearing and I would like to thank the Speedway Control Board for listening to our case and for their understanding. The club fully accept the decisions taken by the Disciplinary committee and now will focus on moving forward for the good of Mildenhall speedway and the sport in general.

We have lots of points to play for starting this evening at Birmingham and we still have designs on a play off place come September. I would like to thank our supporters, riders, sponsors, race day officials and all the wonderful people who have been so supportive and understanding during a difficult few days, and would like to ensure them all that the club will now be working hard to restore their faith in Mildenhall speedway”.