The weekends sad incidents have added nothing to the goodwill of Mildenhall, their fans, riders and sponsors.
In reflection the whole matter should have been handled differently, with the overall good of the sport very much at the core of our decisions.
However we have to accept that Cradley applied the rules in a correct manner, and whatever our personal opinions were, we should have applied correct business principals.
We were under the opinion that Cradley were asked to re-consider our decision to call off the meeting, this has proven not to be the case.
Speedway and the overall well being of the League is paramount, and Mldenhall will now work hard to restore the publics faith in our team and the sport.
We have spent the past hours reflecting on the events and everyone can be assured that Mildenhall will resurrect from this weekend with a fresh and positive approach to the future

James Easter
Club Advisor