DateOpponentsH / ATypeResultSponsor


Sunday 7th Dudley H NS 41-45
Sunday 14th Stoke H NT 55-37
Sunday 28th Coventry H NL 48-41
Tuesday 30th Dudley A NS 39-51


Sunday 12th Buxton H NT P-P
Tuesday 14th Isle Of Wight A NT P-P
Friday 17th Coventry A KOC 47-45
Sunday 19th Isle of Wight H NT 47-42
Tuesday 21st Isle Of Wight A NT 34-58
Saturday 25th Stoke A NT 40-55
Sunday 26th Coventry H KOC 48-42 Aggregate win 95-87
Monday 27th Kent A NT 48-42


Sunday 2nd Buxton H NT 57-38
Sunday 9th Buxton A NT 47-43
Sunday 16th Kent H NT 54-39
Sunday 23rd Isle of Wight H NL 50-40
Tuesday 25th Dudley A NL 36-56
Friday 28th Coventry A NL 48-40
Sunday 30th NL Pairs H IND Dudley


Wednesday 3rd King's Lynn A NL 40-52
Monday 8th Kent A NL 52-39
Sunday 14th Kent H NL 53-39
Sunday 21st Buxton H NL 44-46
Saturday 27th Stoke A NL 13-17 Abandoned - result doesn't stand


Sunday 4th King's Lynn H NL 52-36
Tuesday 13th Isle of Wight A NL 33-60
Sunday 25th Stoke H NL 50-40 British U16 after main meeting


Sunday 1st Buxton A NL 35-54
Sunday 8th Dudley H NL 48-42
Tuesday 17th Isle of Wight A KOC SF P-P
Sunday 22nd Isle of Wight H KOC SF 50-40
Sunday 29th King's Lynn H PO SF 49-41


Wednesday 2nd King's Lynn A PO SF 39-57
Saturday 5th Stoke A NL P-P
Tuesday 8th Isle of Wight A KOC SF 40-50
Sunday 13th Isle of Wight H KOC SF P-P Waterlogged track
Tuesday 15th Isle of Wight A KOC SF 44-46
Sunday 20th Isle of Wight H KOC SF 44-46
Sunday 27th Stoke A NL P-P

Fixture Type

  • IND = Individual meeting
  • KOC = Knock Out Cup meeting
  • NL = National League meeting
  • NS = National Shield meeting
  • NT = National Trophy meeting

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